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9 Modules In 1

SchoolWrite is MODULAR with each part of the system able to be used independently.


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2 Components in 1

The Academic Records & School Fees + Accounting components may be run independantly or together

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What is SchoolWrite

SchoolWrite is school administration software. All aspects of school administration are managed by SchoolWrite software for Windows For example integrating class lists, end-of-term reports, SMS & email, on-line intranet, billing of school fees, accounting and bank reconciliation.

Can I Order Only 1 Module Or Component?

Yes you can. Modules and Components are designed to work Independently


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Which Operating System is SchoolWrite Compatible with?

SchoolWrite runs on any Windows Platform because it is a Windows application. For Linux Users, it needs a plugin like 'Win4Lin' that allows Linux to run Windows Applications

Banks that support Schoolwrite

Schoolwrite Supports all banks across Uganda

Where is the Documentation?

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SchoolWrite is Compatible with the following Operating Systems

School Administraton Solution

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