SchoolWrite Downloads

SchoolWrite Download

This download of SchoolWrite is free. It installs as a demonstration system with limited file sizes. It is unlocked (with unlimited file sizes) when a valid User Registration Key is entered.

Download includes: Full software, documentation, and spell-checker dictionary.

For Registered users: Installation of this software updates the SchoolWrite system, changing only the program and not the live data.

Download SchoolWrite Demo

SIZE (22.5 MB)
VERSION 3.4.1n

Install Instructions

  1. Install the full SchoolWrite Demonstration software

  2. Run SchoolWrite from the SW3 icon on your Desktop

  3. Create icons on the desktops of other workstations on the network, targeting SW3.EXE in the installation folder. The default folder being C:\Users\Public\SW\

Payroll Download

Download Payroll Demo

SIZE (8.0 MB)
VERSION 3.4.1g

Documentation Download

Documentation is already included in the above downloads. It is accessed from the Help Menu. However it can be obtained here in fully indexed pdf format if required.

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