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Quite many schools use manual and some little stand-alone systems of capturing, analysing and giving operational and management information. The repetitive capture of data wastes a lot of labour hours and data accuracy is put on the line, hence the quality of information derived from it is compromised.

The current automated stand alone systems are specific to certain operations, outdated, not user friendly and cannot be interfaced (linked) to any existing or future systems. All these attributes need to be replaced by easy-to-use, efficient, secure, effective and reliable automated systems that have a capacity to be scaled for the benefits of standardisation.

SchoolWrite offers a complete range of graphical academic administration software, an accounting system plus a payroll and personnel management solution. This allows every office or department of the school to have an administration and accounts package that exactly matches its size and performance. The look, operation and reporting of it is quite similar to many other standard business and administration branches, regardless of their sizes.

SchoolWrite is the flagship software suited to any size school. It offers enterprise wide operation and accounting in an open system environment where capacity, performance and security are of the utmost importance. It is built on an industrial standard database technology.